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A community where loved ones can find final rest in the open and grievers are supported through their own transformations.

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To help individuals, groups, and families find final rest for those they love in personal and meaningful locations while supporting the bereaved into a life of new meanings. 

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» Compassion: for others' situations

» Authenticity: in words and actions

» Creativity: for solutions that support

» Transparency: in pricing and process

» Gratitude: for what we do

Boyne River.jpg

She was then reborn in her true form, a wonderous flowing stream...

Our company's name honors the Celtic River Goddess Bóinn who challenged the wisdom of the magical water well. In doing so, she became one with the water. Bóinn then sacrificed herself to create the River Boyne, bringing arts, knowledge, fertility and prosperity to the future generations throughout the Ireland.

We aim to bring that same spirit of empowerment to the people and communities we serve.

When care and caring

come together

it's transformative.

BONNIE BIZZELL was honored to take part in caring for her dad at the end of his life. But while trying to respect his wishes for a sea scattering, she found the information overwhelming, the coordination difficult, and the experience exhausting.  Her family improvised and had a lovely service. Still, Bonnie decided that she didn’t want anyone else put in that position—especially while grieving. So, she built BOANN to provide outdoor event help while supporting clients through grief. Bonnie leverages an MBA, MEd, and over 15 years of practical experience in business, non-profits, and government.

Bonnie has been documenting her grief in progress after losing her mother on Instagram. Click here for the collected reels or follow Bonnie at bonbizinstagram.

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