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Advance Directives

Prepare For Your Care

End of Life Washington

Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest


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Advance Directive for Dementia

The Conversation Project

End of Life Collective


Endwell Project

Start Talking – Pop Culture

The Colbert Questionert asks 15 questions about a wide variety of topics. You can see Tom Hanks, Meryl Steep, and George Clooney answer the questions and you can take the questionnaire here.

  • Stephen Colbert has this questionnaire which asks 15 questions to really get to know someone. Let’s take it and talk about our answers!

Andrew Garfield Reflects on 'Profound Two Weeks' Spent with His Mother Before She Died of Cancer, People Magazine 09/08/21

  • Do you see what Andrew Garfield said about spending time with his mom before she died? It sounds like they talked about planning her end of life.

7 legendary stars who died without wills: Aretha Franklin, Prince and more, USA Today 08/22/2018

  • I just found out that <legendary star’s name> died without planning! I don’t want that much confusion unless I’m in the rock and roll hall of fame. Can I share what’s important?


Start Talking – Movies, Books, Plays, & Art

Art 101: What is a memento mori? P.S. You are going to die (art video) explains the form of art intended to remind those living of their inevitable death.

Avengers: Endgame (movie) considers the meaning of time, redemption, heroism, and love.

Being Mortal (book and PBS film) addresses end-of-life planning and care.

The Bucket List (movie) looks at what living means when facing death.

Obelisk Art History Project Death in Art Life’s Only Guarantee (art resource) collects a wide variety of art works about death.

Our Town (play) centers on mortality, appreciating life, companionship, and love.

Steel Magnolias (movie and play) examines faith, understanding, death  and grief.

Soul (movie) explores the purpose of life and making time count.

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