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Final Rest for 
Those You Love

Where They
Love To Be


We believe 

~open water provides solace and meaning.

~mountain air gives comfort and significance.

~saying goodbye should be a treasured memory.

~helping others in their most vulnerable moments is a high calling.

Let us put our beliefs in action for you and your loved ones.

We are dedicated to memorial at sea or on public lands.

We serve everyone and respect your trust to serve you.

Always there.

I’m Bonnie and one of the best experiences I had was taking care of my dad in the last month of his life. For over a decade, I spent time at doctors’ appointments and hospital stays with him, helping him navigate and plan. In those last weeks we continued to share memories, laugh at inappropriate things, and cry a bit at the reality. One of the last things he thanked me for was being "always there."


His simple burial wish was for his ashes to be scattered on the water.


I soon realized that organizing an at-sea scattering wasn’t going to be as simple as we hoped. The Washington ferries don’t allow the practice anymore and the available vessels were fishing boats – not an activity my dad liked.  We ended up having a lovely memorial. But I didn’t want anyone to have to worry like I did.


So, I started Boann. We are a funeral planning service business for outdoor scatterings, services, and memorials. Tell us where your loved one loved to be and we’ll help create something to honor that.


We believe supporting grievers through their own transformation is also important. So, we offer resources to help beyond just the "day of."


We work with a number of local business. These partners allow us to build our vision of community to support our loved ones and ourselves through death.

We also believe in being proactive. We can assist help with planning ahead of time, including advance directives.

We can also help with
Advance Care Planning and Advance Directives

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