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(formerly Grief Coach)

Getting good grief support doesn't have to be difficult. Help Texts is personalized bereavement support, all year long. And, if your friends want to help, but aren't sure how, Help Texts will text them tips and reminders too.

All BOANN clients receive grief affirmation cards with content developed by Help Texts and designed to reaffirm the grieving process. Some clients also receive a gift membership for automatic virtual bereavement texting support through Help Texts.

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Antares Wellness provides alternative and holistic health services through bodywork, deathcare, plant medicines, and art. "If energy is neither created or destroyed, I am quite sure we've met sometime before" 

Antares Wellness created a special BOANN tea blend to comfort our clients. Hot or cold, this tea soothes, calms, and relaxes and can be served during any event for free.  All BOANN clients receive tea sachets for home use.

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A professional in the business for nearly 20 years, Sheila grew up on a farm and knows how to work.  She brings an artistic eye to the pictures and focuses on the experience her clients have with her. 

Sheila Addleman Photography is the preferred visual chronicler for BOANN. Sheila's photographs appear on the BOANN website and in marketing materials. She specializes in docu-menting the palliative care process.

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